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United Lawnscape excels at patios, pool decks, walkways, and driveways are just some of the residential decorative brick paving projects. When you’re looking for a change from the commercial-grade concrete slab currently on your property, we can help. Attractive brick pavers can make a significant difference in the appearance of your home and enhance your backyard living space.

We often work with homeowners just like you who want decorative brick paving done right.

  • Consultation. We visit your location to take measurements, discuss the scope of the project, and learn about your color, shape and style preferences.
  • Design. Rather than following a standard approach, we customize a design for your specific property. Even if we do work at multiple locations on one block, no two will look alike.
  • Durability. The decorative brick pavers we install meet all building standards and strength and durability testing. They withstand daily use, which includes higher than average vehicle traffic and car weights. The goal is to have your property looking as good in five years as it does on the day of the installation.
  • Surface coatings. Safety is a major concern when installing bricks. Areas that see frequent wetness may benefit from adding a surface coating that creates a slip-resistant finish. For walkways and particularly around hot tubs and pools, adding this coating is a good option.
  • Paver Lighting. Accentuate a walkway or driveway with residential paver lighting. These illumination options also look great when incorporated into the brick borders of your flowerbed or on the pool deck. The low-voltage light sources are inexpensive, light up a variety of landscape features, and add pizzazz to any property. Paver lights are durable and weatherproof and perform well in all conditions. Since the pavers are completely sealed, they do not call for maintenance or special care. You can walk and drive on lit pavers without restriction.

Our specialists design and install residential decorative brick paving in large areas as well as around the small spaces in your yard. No project is too large or small for our technicians. If you like, we can also mix and match styles to match retaining walls, planters, and other landscape features that you already have in place.



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