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Mowing Service

We pride ourselves in keeping your lawn lush and weed free. Our trained, uniformed technicians will mow and trim all turf areas weekly at a height appropriate for conditions. Proper mowing equipment is used in all areas at all times. Clippings are removed from all walks, drives, and roads immediately upon the completion of each mowing. All concrete walks and drives are edged as needed to maintain a crisp appearance.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

We remove debris, natural, and trash, from turf, parking areas, walks, and roads during the spring. In the fall, a clean up will provide debris removal, fallen leaves will be mulched, perennial plants will be cut back as appropriate, and spent annual flowers will be gathered and removed. These seasonal clean-ups keep your curb appeal at its highest level.

Planting and Maintenance

We offer a full scope of landscape services including but not limited to tree, shrub, and
perennial planting, landscape removal, mulch installation, hardscape installation,
wetland mitigation, hydroseeding, and sodding.

Seasonal Floral Displays

We supply floral displays that are native to Michigan and thrive in its climate. Clients are provided a choice of seasonal flowers along with recommendations from our team.

Horticultural Pruning

Our staff is trained in the practice of garden cultivation and management. Ornamental trees, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, and hedges will be pruned to their intended form. Our skilled personnel involved in pruning have knowledge and training in the proper trimming technique and species identification. We can also swiftly remove trees and branches downed by our Midwest storms to keep your residents, clients or employees safe and keep your property looking its best.

Fertilization and Weed Control

All greenery, including lawns, shrubs and trees, requires fertilizing. Our turf fertilization programs offer an early application pre-emergent crabgrass preventative, slow-release granular nitrogen applications to promote green turf and root growth, liquid weed spray applications to control broadleaf weed infestation, and a mineral-rich winterizing application.

Other services offered by United Lawnscape that will keep your lawn and landscape thriving and looking lush all season long, include

  • Dormant Oil
  • Summer Foliage Spray
  • Hollytone Applications
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Wiltproof/Anti-Desiccant
  • Lawn Grub Control
  • Lawn Fungicide
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Lawn Dethatch
  • Fertilization of Annual Flowers
  • Mosquito Sprays
  • Perimeter Pest Control Applications
  • Pond Algaecide Treatments

Parking Lots / Construction Site Sweeping

Parking lot hardscape management is also available. Our equipment offers the ability to sweep and remove parking lot debris. For new commercial properties, our team can help with construction site clean-up.


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Thinking “green” isn’t just a trend in modern design, it will be the standard by which we all live. Whether you’re a commercial developer, business owner, property management specialist or a homeowner, you will be challenged at some point to consider sustainable design.

Sustainable landscape practices are at the forefront in all of our landscape designs. We believe utilizing native plantings in commercial installations provides opportunities for habitat creation, water-use reduction, and the attraction of a variety of birds, butterflies, and other animals.

Sustainable design considers numerous strategies including plant selection and placement around buildings, sourcing local materials, implementing pervious paving options, and xeriscaping. Utilizing drought-tolerant plants will lower the cost of water and irrigation costs. Effective tree placement protects buildings from high winds, cool temperatures, and increased heating costs. Green roof design and installation, wetland mitigation, bioswales and rain gardens, meadow lawns, and low-mow, low-grow lawns are all elements of our landscape sustainability.

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